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2 generations of websites for the Manchester band
Coves  Caves website design MK2
Coves & Caves web design MK1

Coves & Caves MK2

MK2 of the Coves & Caves website brings the ability for the Manchester based band to easily add much more content than the previous one page version had done.

Built on WordPress the band can now add content as and when they need to.

The site features the ability to add music, gig listings, pictures, vides and other articles providing a richer experience for fans.



Coves & Caves wanted a simple one page site for their original website a few years back.
The idea was simple, keep it short and sweet and have all the info any of their fans would want in one place.

The website offered a large photo area for media shots or artwork, a prominent "next gig" date spot, general info, news area, music player and links to their social media all on one page for the band to update themselves.

This version of the website was live in it's various states for over 2 years.